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I’m Teaching accounting!!

August 20th, 2015 No comments

Starting Sept 26th I am teaching Beginning Accounting at Castro Valley Technical Ed-, Course0601400, $175. + cost of text. This will get you started on a career as an accountant! 5 Saturdays from 9:30AM to 3PM my excitement is contagious. Start your career here: 510 886-1000

Breach of Contract or Bimbo?

June 18th, 2014 No comments

I have managed businesses for over 32 years. I am a tax accountant and a due diligence analyst, and have written business curriculum and taught for over 11 years. I know what employers and business owners should do to stay in business, attract & retain customers. I, like other individuals am a consumer of business and personal products. I, like everyone else, and happy when I find a good, reliable business/service provider. And am unset when things go awry. This is the story of a small business who “kicked things into the weeds”. Teaching business theory involves understanding contract law. I was a due diligence analyst and performance of contracts; and non-performance was a consideration in determining tort liability. It is a consideration when Vendors do not live up to a contract. What are the elements of a contract? Whether it is verbal or written all contracts have the following elements in common: They are mutually beneficial: parties trade money for goods/services Money or consideration is exchanged for performance They are taken by people who are able and can knowingly consent They can be rescinded or broken for non-performance They must be written if they take longer than a year to complete or      exceed $500. in value. Oh, and once agreed to, they are binding. And if one party wishes to change the contract, upon negotiation and mutual agreement the old one is cancelled, and a new one created. If in the contract for non-performance penalties or a required notification period may apply. So, back to my quandary or problem. I am an old woman who exercises so I do not fall apart. I do an hour of cardio daily, but I also have a Pilates Reformer and like to use it. I decided to find a reformer teacher so I could use my home machine safely. I needed to sharpen my skills so I did not injure myself. I saw an online ad for a local pilates studio- “5 lessons for $50″. Cool: I called mentioned the ad and said, “May I pay in cash, I want to do the Living Social Offer?”. I got a call back, paid them in cash. Very happy customer. After the 5 lessons, I waited until all the other clients and said “I am a poor accountant, and can’t afford $38. a lesson.” She said, “Well, OK”. I offered 20 a Lesson, or $200 for 10. She said, “No, that won’t do.”I said “How about $22. each or $220. in cash for ten Lessons? I will pay you in cash, and will pay you at the 10th lesson, in an envelope”. She said “Yes, that works for me.” What you just read was a verbal contract. What follows is a breach of contract and my being upset and blogging about this. So, time goes on, and I have paid for five sequential series of ten lessons for $220. in cash. The money was taken, nothing said. Nothing. So. Yesterday was the 10th lesson. I put 2 100 dollar bills and a twenty in an envelope, labeled it with my name. I arrive at the Studio, the owner is there, I hand her the envelope. She says, “Oh, didn’t (insert Assistant #1’s name) tell you it should be $300?” By that time, she has the envelope with the $220 in it. Now she has changed the contract- with no prior notice. And the rate is now $30 a lesson- or $300- not $220. I kinda do the math and figure that is at least a 27-30% increase. An increase a cannot afford. Here is the Math: 30 minus 22= 8 8 divided by 22=36.6 percent increase. I am in shock, because nothing has been said before about any rate increase; not by her, or the Assistant. Then, the kicker- she says “Yeah, your rate was introductory only, for the 1st series of 10, and you have owed the $300 for the last 2 Series” (why not five?; but obviously math or accounting is not this woman’s strong suit. I am starting to figure; let’s see 300-220= 80; 2 series at 80 = 160. She is saying I owe her $160. Plus $300; or $460? At this point other customers come in and I am in shock. What you just read is a retroactive rate increase. It ignores the previous verbal contract en entirety. And she has my $220. All I want to do is get through the Lesson and get out of there. Instead of a relaxing excise session  I am flummoxed and annoyed. How the heck am I going to get another $240 (460-220)for this woman? Shall I just show up for all ten, and wait to be hectored into paying for something to WHICH I DID NOT AGREE.

Because, dear reader, contracts give certainty. A verbal agreement is binding until BOTH parties agree to another. Charging retroactively for services without notice is a breach of contract, and might be construed as fraud. What happened? She got my $220; I figured that each work out cost me (a rate increase to which I did not agree, BTW) $30; she said I owed her $160. One sixty plus thirty is one ninety; she has two-twenty of my cash and the net net is I am out one lesson (at her new rate).

What will I do? I will call her and tell her I am not coming back. I will not bother arguing with someone who will not honor their word, i.e., a contract- I just will never go back. Or recommend her.

Now, where is that Social Media application when you need it? (Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, Yelp, Patch). Oh, and the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce?

U Do not want to miss this if U R a sm Biz Owner!!

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You won’t want to miss the best small business class. Going for 5 weeks, Wednesdays from 7-9PM,Starting Up Your Business,will be at Acalanes Adult Center. You will be entertained while learning the pitfalls of managing a small business. Michele has been managing small businesses in the East Bay for 32 years and her hands-on knowledge, and friendly style will make this the best $9.00 an hour you ever spent.
Where: 1963 Tice Valley Blvd WC 94595
When: Wed nights, 7-9PM starting Sept 11th for 5 weeks
Why: to save time, trouble and money if you are a small business owner
How: call 925 280-3980 ext 8001
How much: $90, $81 for Seniors
What: Class No: 26-6020 WATCH HER UTUBE VIDEO!

I am Teaching starting September 29th!!

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I am teaching 2 courses:
Starting up Your Business & Introduction to Rental Real Estate
Where:Castro Valley Adult School; 4430 Alma Avenue, Castro valley, CA 94546
When: Saturday mornings: Starting starts @ 9:30AM- 2 hours; ends @ 11:30. Real Estate 12:00 to 2PM September 29th
How do I sign up:
link to Starting Up Your Business:
link to Real Estate:

OR you can go to the Castro valley Adult School web site; All Courses, Career & Technical Education; the Starting class is 0603200;Real Estate is 0602800
Length: 5 weeks
Why you should do this: I have >32 years of small business, tax, due diligence experience and these courses will save you time, money & grief

Après Le Deluge

November 4th, 2010 No comments

Après Le Deluge

After the Election, when the Democrats got spanked, the President is holding out the Olive Branch to the Republicans, saying “The American people don’t want us just standing still. They don’t want us engaged in gridlock.” He is even, according to the ©Washington Post₁, willing to dine with them.
Meanwhile, the Republicans are loaded for bear, vowing to undo all legislative achievements of the Administration. They have a hard-on for the Health Care Bill, and anything that would extend unemployment benefits to the 20,000,000 unemployed people in the United States. Am I surprised? Not at all. The Republicans are vengeful when they are in power, spiteful when out of power. They are the Party of “I’m going to keep all my money because I earned it… but don’t forget the Tax Breaks and throw in my Social Security too”. In essence they are cheap hypocritical old coots who complain about Big Government but still take every possible tax break, the Social Security and Medicare payments. They feel they are entitled, but not the poor or the unemployed or the uninsured. They are insured by Medicare, but object to the poor having healthcare. What does “hypocritical” mean? Oh, yeah: “Saying one thing and doing another.”
So it is politics as usual. The Democrats are in power, marginally, but feel put upon because the Republicans aren’t playing “nice.” News Flash: the Republicans will never play “nice.” They will roll out the fear mongering, racism and class warfare whenever it suits their needs. Their needs this November 2nd were to get back in power, and their prerogatives. The Tea Party followers think the Republican Party cares about the Constitution, and the Common Man. What they do care about are extended Tax Cuts on their precious capital gains, continuation of Estate Tax holidays, and continuing wasteful and unpopular wars.

Now we (speaking for Democrats and Liberals) liked Obama because he was truthful, sincere, and wanted to help. Nearly 2 years into the 2nd Depression his TARP handed big checks to the guys who drove it (the Economy, stupid) off the road; his Unemployment Benefits did not help all of the unemployed ( I for one paid into UI but because I am self employed did not qualify for benefits); and the jobs are invisible. Securities and Financial Reform? Toothless and as effective as Sarbanes-Oxley (will make work for CPAs but will not stop collusion & fraud), and it still did not restore confidence.
I still like Obama but what he needs to do is create jobs domestically by changing the Tax Code (no tax breaks for employment abroad) and force the banks to start lending (how about an Excess Profits Tax?). He looks grayer and sadder because the man cares…. But stop trusting the Harvard/Stanford MBAs who learned how to ship millions of jobs abroad, and get the jobs back home. Keep the tax breaks on capital gains for those making less than $250,000. Adjusted Gross Income. Llet the others tax breaks expire and make rich guys finally pay some taxes. The insane argument that low capital gains tax rates help employment is untruthful: the money goes into their bank accounts and does not come out again except to go into their grandkids Trust Funds. I know, I am a Tax accountant. Albeit a poor one.
So, let’s play hard ball with the Republicans and get the unemployed some help, and the jobs back home. No more Mr. Nice Guy, Dear Mister President.

₁Obama invites GOP leaders to White House for bipartisan meeting

Obama: It ‘feels bad’ seeing Democrats lose
President Barack Obama says it feels bad to see his Democratic allies lose their House seat in droves, and makes him question what he could have done differently. (Nov. 3)
By Anne E. Kornblut and Perry Bacon Jr.
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, November 4, 2010; 2:08 PM

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