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My First Blog Post & Why You Should Read It

September 30th, 2009 No comments

Wax Scratcher . com
Initial posting
“Waxscratcher”, def. a journalist, writer ( Babylonian: war correspondent) from “ The Afghan Campaign “, p.384,Steven Pressfield, Doubleday/Broadway Books, New York; 2006,ISBN 978-0-76792238-8.
Who am I? I am a middle-aged accountant and business manager, living in Northern California, who has been in the Finance Industry since 1972. I am an avowed Democrat (small D),who considers herself a Compassionate Capitalist. Now, I know what you are thinking, “ Compassionate” … Isn’t that what George The Second called himself? A “Compassionate Conservative”? Well, Yes, He did. That among other Republican Untruths are a legacy that is still with us: spiteful, hateful, mean; and anything but compassionate.
A Compassionate Capitalist is a businessperson who treats his/her EE ( Employees) with compassion. A Boss who pay his/her EE correctly, and on time. A Boss who, subject to profitability, grants his/her EE health care, vacation time, sick time with reasonable co-pays. A Boss who does not seek to enrich him/herself by sending jobs abroad: but by keeping them close to his/her own home. Unlike most prestigious MBA Graduates, a person who creates a business legacy that, if not guaranteeing employment, at least ensures stability that allows EEs to buy homes, have progeny, go to school themselves, help their children attend college, and retire with adequate retirement.

What is not a Compassionate Capitalist? One who outsources jobs: one who acts like a Liberal by giving to charities who help only the poor in Third World Countries and not at home: people who send their children to private schools, hold fundraisers for the Democratic Party and fail to pay Employment Taxes, health insurance, mileage and vacation time for their Nannies, Personal Assistants, Maids, Cooks, Gardeners or Domestic help. Who have a Jag ,a Mercedes, a Hummer, A Volvo in the driveway while trusted workers drive a beater they can barely afford. One who drives 10 miles to do a Pilates Class, while their EE cannot afford healthy food or any health club at all. One who took the TARP Bailouts with big fat salaries and bonuses while driving companies into penury. The managers of the Credit card companies who raised everyone’s interest rates, escalated Minimum Payments, cut their Limits and took TARP money.
So why am I writing this? It’s not because I don’t have anything to do. It’s not because I want to run for office, or sell Banner ads.
It’s because I’m mad as Hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore. Because I worked for and voted for Brother Barack who is starting to disappoint me by trusting The Bad People (heretofore known as B.P.).Because the government is still listening to B.P., and not helping the Good People. Because The Democratic party has sold out to the Greedy B.P. and although they have the majority in Congress they don’t have the Cojones to get jobs and healthcare going. That’s why. Oh, and did I mention that Dems understand nothing of Finance, Economics and taxation and trust the B.P. who have always said “it’s too complicated, Trust me”. And it’s not too complicated, and they are not trustworthy. Its’ like what your Mother says in the Mall, “Keep a hand on your Purse, Dear.”.

End of rant 1.0
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