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Apres Ferguson- Did Michael Brown Deserve To Die?

November 25th, 2014 No comments

I am reading about and watching TV and blogs, Twitter about what is going on in Ferguson, Missouri. The fact that a black child was shot by a Policeman in the middle of the Country SHOULD be of no interest to ME. I am an old white woman.

What Is of interest to me is the increasing racial divide in this Country, the distrust of government, and the inability of our politicians to stir public sentiment in a positive direction.

What are the bad things that are happening?

A child was shot who was unarmed

The Grand Jury returned a polarizing verdict

The private businesses in Ferguson are suffering from uninsured losses (RIOT), who had nothing to do with the death of that unfortunate your man,

The Caucasians believe the Grand Jury findings, and

The African Americans do not believe the Grand Jury findings; and

Basically public trust in our institutions is continuing to erode.

I see trust in the government decreasing, the US becoming an Oligarchy ( that means the rich people rule, which no one could deny), and chaos on the horizon in my lifetime. To this mix add Global Warming, which will bring a fight over resources (water, mostly) and higher ground (from the rising water), and an unemployment rate that our overeducated-useless-corrupt Economists refuse to acknowledge ( because they have jobs, THEY refuse to measure the long term unemployed).

What is going to happen? Poor people will feel more and more disenfranchised (thank you Republicans), and may decide that a government that only benefits the rich must go. We, the United States of America, become a armed state where the rich have their toys and their ocean side views, and the poor and black (or brown, or Islander, or unemployed whites) are kept in their shettls and never


Benefitted by the government their taxes support

The beneficiaries of justice.

What can our politicians do? Since the Republicans now control both the House & the Senate- we can expect nothing to come from Congress. Obama is in power until January 2017. I expect it to be Romney versus Hilary Clinton- a clueless rich Mormon (of which I know a lot and can speak with authority) versus a corrupt tool of the Democratic Machine (she married her only child to a hedge fund trader, what does that tell you?). I think Clinton will win the Election, but do nothing to help the poor and disenfranchised. She will help her campaign donors and multinational corporations- but not do anything to decrease racism or class inequality.

What would I do?

Have juries reflect at least 50% the ethnicity of the Defendant (Jury was 3/12 minority)

Have police forces reflect the ethnicity of their local populations

Have a campaign to teach children: no toy guns and do not resist arrest OR THEY WILL SHOOT YOU     from the black community, not from white Liberals.

Replace the media attention from Bill Cosby’s peccadilloes to role models to which children should             aspire, not thugs and hip hop artists who carry guns like they are wallets

Have a basic standard living wage (22.00 and hour) on which humans can live

Have the Treasury Department distribute to each person over 18 years of age $22,000 tax free, and give         them Food Stamps without being tortured by vindictive underpaid social services employees ( of        which I have 1st hand experience!);

Give all those which wish to attend College Grants, which do not have to be repaid, as long as they maintain a B average. College Graduate tend to riot less, BTW.

Take away the 501C3 status of private universities, like Harvard, Yale, Stanford and align the     compensation of the Staff with the Chancellors and Regents. When their student ethnicity reflects    that of society in general their status can be restored.

Is that enough to start with?

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