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Dogbert and Evil Bosses

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Corporate Culture, HR & Dogbert the Evil HR Director: Culture of Meanness
Do many of you read Dilbert™? We cubicle drones know that it reflects Big Corporate Culture: stupid Boss, lazy co-workers, thankless tasks and the Evil Human Resources Director: Dogbert™. The Sadistic paper pusher who thwarts your efforts and career advancement, and enjoys your pain in a myriad of ways you never envisioned.
This is another story of corporate brutality and injustice. Mean people treating their Employees badly with impunity.
The Facts:
Mary (not her real name because she needs the job), my friend got sick at work. A legitimate Workers’ Compensation claim. She got an infection because of poor ventilation in the workplace. Could not wear her contact lenses, and her eyes were ‘icky and painful’. Not good. The Evil HR Director told her to put it under her health insurance. Mary therefore has to pay a co-pay and gets no Doctor’s time off. Not correct and not legal at all. After asking her rights in a sidebar conversation, I told her to confirm with her Doctor that it WAS a legitimate Workers’ Compensation claim. The Doctor gave her the correct claim form. She pursued it and two weeks after she should have filed the claim under Workers’ Compensation, she finally got the form from Dogbert. She filed the Claim.
However, because she is an hourly EE she did not get paid for the time at the Doctor’s, even though it is a legitimate BUSINESS LIABILITY INSURED UNDER MANDATED WORKERS’ COMPENSATION. She now cannot make her rent because she was docked for doctors hours. The Evil HR Director says “it will take 6-8 weeks for the Insurer to pay you.” and demurs on the unpaid hours. Question: is this fair? Is it just? Why is she doing this?
Response: No, no, because she can!
The Employee is powerless. She has no advocate (this is an Ex-Client where I used to be able to intercede in the behest of aggrieved Employees).Some HR directors are evil Be-atc-hes: some just old ladies who file paper.
The Real Question is that one of Corporate Culture. Why are some people mean, when they should be protecting the unprotected? ‘Cause They can.
My older sister is a Retired HR professional and is one of the most controlling, solipsistic, nasty people on the face of the Earth. Calls my Dear Old Mother and makes her cry, had my aged father trim her trees, and my Mother Dog Sit her Labs because she was too f’n cheap to pay for a kennel. BTW; the possibility of My Sister either reading this or leaving me any of her jewelry (she told everyone she is leaving it to the SPCA) is small. Would anyone in my family deny any of this? Nope.
Are all of the Human Resource Directors that way:? No but it helps if you like to fire people and demean them as a full-time job.

Small hearted People (insert HR Director in case above) may have been beaten down, and think the world is unfair. They use what advantages when they can and WHEN they are in power abuse the Power, IF the corporate Culture Fosters it. In short, if the Bosses are mean, they are mean. Some are just mean, period.
Before I started my own consulting business in 1991 I worked in Finance, Real Estate & Insurance. I, like all of us, had mean HR Directors and Bosses. I had horror experiences in Real Estate Due Diligence, the Entertainment Industry (Bosses like Harvey Weinstein- remember Tom Cruise in Stiller’s “Tropic Thunder”? ), and a Israeli-funded high-tech banking start-up ( I learned to read Financials upside down in Hebrew for a reason). What did I learn? Deal with Nice People, not B.P. (Bad People).
So, if you are reading this you know the rubric: rant, rant, humor, solution. Right?
As a Buddhist: (on good days I am a good Buddhist: Bad Days a Bitch) let it go: it is their Karma. When they are in the right turn of the Wheel they will either ascend or descend and be re-born as their actions deem appropriate. As a Muslim: they may a.) be possessed by a jin or evil spirit, and it is not your place to fight Demons; or b.)they are inherently bad, and are to be avoided (i.e, don’t work in Real Estate or the Entertainment Industry). As a Christian :( I spent wayyyy too much time in Church not to address this ) pray for them, Jesus will forgive them; turn the other cheek. So, don’t you feel better? I thought not.
For those of you who have your own businesses, maybe this will make you treat your EE better. If you are an EE: God help you. In this tight economy with > 12% unemployment (not even counting those who are self-employed ( contractors) and have no business & those who have stopped looking for work because there IS NONE) your Bosses are probably treating you as badly as they can.
Maybe it IS time to start your own business. You did know that I help people start their own businesses and keep out of trouble, didn’t you?
Yeah, I thought so. Peace Out.

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