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Brought To You by the Department of Justice

October 19th, 2009 No comments

Enforcement or Continued Harassment?
The Department of Justice today promulgated a ruling ( memorandum) about the Federal Government and their prosecution of Medical Marijuana Clinics. We all know that in some states medical marijuana is legal, a palliative tool for those with chronic pain and wasting diseases. The Federal government, how ever, considers medical marijuana clinics “fair game” for prosecution of seizure of their drugs & their mounds of cash, regardless of what local jurisdictions decide. In these difficult fiscal times busting a “drug dealer” for his cash is a ‘win-win’.

Lately in Los Angeles and in San Diego overzealous District Attorneys, in an Election Year, have closed licensed clinics seizing both cash and product. This in effect puts them out of business: because they’re rarely insuring the Product ( yes, Insurance is available at Lloyd’s),with defense costs and their coffers emptied, the clinics generally do not re-open.

Is the public interest being served in these raids? Who are the Bad Guys? In reading the DOJ memo ( see attached URL) the purpose of the Memo is to encourage the Police to go after Bad Guys. The Bad Guys are the Mexican Drug Cartels, in the Dept of Justice’s opinion. Is this true?

What is the Source of the Product/Medicine/Inventory Asset on the Buyers side( at legal clinics)? From personal knowledge in the Northern califiornia legal medical marijuana clinic universe NONE of the Product/Medicine/Inventory Asset is purchased from large ( or even small) drug cartels. The vast majority comes from individuals who grow and know the Buyers at the Clinics personally. If you think of the Berkeley Gourmet Ghetto ( say the CheeseBoard), the patients are gourmands of cannabis, and are discerning buyers. No clinic would stay in business in this uber competitive environment if they purchased Product/Medicine/Inventory from strangers. I.E., Cartel members from South of The Border. They (clients/patients) want very specific strains ( the names are moot, but picturesque in the extreme), not stuff smugggled across the border by strangers, sprayed by hades-know-what-chemicals, and illegal to boot. No way! The growers are individuals know to the Buyers at the Clinics, and they are not Mexican Drug Cartel owners. Why buy dubious product from strangers? That stuff is sold on the Street, NOT in Clinics.

So, what in fact is the DOJ Memo saying? It is kind of an “don’t ask-don’t-tell” for legal clinics. This is Step One of ( of hopefully many) a national policy of decriminalization. Next Step the Feds have to address is that street drugs are not the same drugs that are offered in legal medical marijuana clinics. Although the public probably thinks clinics are run by BP ( see Blog #1: Bad People) who are thugs, they do offer quality Product /Medicine /Inventory in a generally safe environment. They may be sketchy about paying taxes, overtime hours to their Employees, hiring unqualified relatives and girlfriends, but they do know good drugs.

If the government is trying to go after Mexican Drug Cartels maybe they need to look South, not North? Or teach kids who could buy Product/Medicine/Inventory for their legitimate medical needs that licensed Clinics are the safe and prudent way to do it. That would dry up demand, and the Bad People from the South would sell their wares elsewheres ( sorry, the alliteration got to me). Eh?

So is it possible that the Federal Govement could start an informed rational drug policy that would increase public safety and train the oh-so-qualified-guns of the Department of Justice and the DEA on the actual B.P.? One has hopes.